Kevin Owen, French Horn (Principal)

Where did you grow up? Upstate New York
Where do you live now? Scituate, RI

Educational Background: Bachelor of Music, Boston Universtiy, 1983

Personal info (family, kids, pets, etc.) wife-Asako Shibata, four kids, Abraham, Jacob, Isaac & Beatrice

How did you get started in music? I started piano at age four, trumpet at 8, French horn at 13

When did you join the Rhode Island Philharmonic? About twenty years ago, uncertain of the year

What are your non-RIPO musical activities? I mostly play as a extra musician with the Boston Symphony and Boston Pops. I teach at Longy School of Music.

What is the question you’re asked most often when you tell people you play with the RIPO? What do you do for a living?

What is your favorite RIPO memory to date? First rehearsal with Larry Rachleff

If you couldn’t be a musician, what would be your dream job? marine architect

What are your non-musical hobbies? I have four kids.

What is your favorite music? What are you currently listening to? No favorites at all. I listen to everything. I grab handfuls of CD's from the Providence library and go through them, picking out the stuff I like

What/where do you like to eat in the Providence area? Haven Brothers!