Christine Orio (Viola)

Where did you grow up? Saratoga Springs, NY
Where do you live now? Stephentown, NY

Educational Background: BFA in Music Performance from the University at Albany

Personal info (family, kids, pets, etc.) One husband and two grown sons

How did you get started in music? In the 4th grade, after tracing my hand on a piece of paper, the string instructor at my public school exclaimed "your hands are just MADE for the violin" ... and that was all I needed to hear!

When did you join the Rhode Island Philharmonic? It's been so long I'm not sure I remember. 1996?

What are your non-RIPO musical activities? I am a free-lance musician in upstate New York and perform as a violist with several other Regional Orchestras.
What is the question you’re asked most often when you tell people you play with the RIPO? Sadly, people rarely ask me questions about what it is like to be a musician. Perhaps the culture has become too far removed from the world of classical music. I suspect that people don't often feel comfortable enough with the subject matter to be curious. This is disheartening.

What is your favorite RIPO memory to date? I find something of great value in every concert series.

Do you teach? Yes If so, where? I have two studios in upstate New York where I live, Delmar, NY and Stephentown, NY

If you couldn’t be a musician, what would be your dream job? Perhaps a cake decorator or maybe a movie critic.

What are your non-musical hobbies? Cycling, dancing, gardening, movie watching.

Who or what has been your greatest influence, musical or otherwise? Life itself is influential in myriad ways. I try to keep my eyes, ears, and heart open to this potential as I live each day often finding inspiration in surprising places.

What is your favorite music? What are you currently listening to? I have very eclectic taste in music.

What/where do you like to eat in the Providence area? I love Dave's supermarket!

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us? I can drive a tractor, a big one!

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